The Presbyterian Church in America (PCA)

In Presbyterianism church government is effected by through a series of courts. This form of church government is a Biblical method that emphasizes accountability between Christians. The first court of the church is called a “Session” and consists of all the ordained and installed Elders of a Congregation. The Session oversees and governs an individual church. The second court of the church is called a “Presbytery” and consists of all the Teaching Elders and two Ruling Elders from each Congregation within a specific geographical area. The Presbytery oversees the churches within her boundaries, supervises the training of Ministers, examines Ministers for ordination, and plants new churches. The third and final court of the church is the “General Assembly” which consists of Representatives from all Presbyteries and churches. Learn more about the PCA here.

The Southeast Alabama Presbytery includes churches from the Georgia State line in the East to Chilton County in the West, and from the Florida State line in the South to Tallapoosa County in the North. She is one of five PCA Presbyteries in Alabama, and one of eighty-five Presbyteries in the entire PCA.

In addition to overseeing the churches within her bounds, the Southeast Alabama Presbytery operates and supervises the Ministry to the Military and Internationals (MMI) – an international ministry that plants PCA churches in foreign countries to serve members of our Armed Forces and other English-speaking foreign citizens.