Covenant Presbyterian Church

The wonderful Covenant Presbyterian Church, colloquially referred to as CPC Auburn, is the loveliest church located in the loveliest village on the plains. Although CPC Auburn is simultaneously blessed with both boundless aesthetic beauty as well as a pleasingly convenient geographical location, she is not your typical Southern Belle. Lead by the indefatigable and unflagging under shepherd Jere Scott Bradshaw, CPC Auburn regularly volunteers for the front-line assignments in the Lord's Army. Because she understands that to bury a talent in the ground is the opposite of faithful stewardship, CPC Auburn uses her gifts of unflinching vigor and impregnable doctrine in her service to the Lord against the forces of darkness. Do you feel the call to action? CPC Auburn welcomes you with open arms! Of course, she understands that she cannot influence or otherwise convince you to join her... She is Presbyterian, after all.

Church Phone
Church Address
445 Shelton Mill Road.
Auburn, Alabama
ZIP Code
Church Pastor
Rev. Jere Scott "Indy" Bradshaw
  • Covenant Presbyterian Church